Free Parking in Follonica

Free Parking in Follonica

Free Parking in Follonica: where

Those who live in or visit Follonica and do not want to use pay and display parking can look for a space in one of the car parks marked with white lines. Finding free parking in a seaside city like Follonica may not be easy during the summer period, but there’s no harm in trying! In this regard, it is better to try it in the more peripheral areas: given the small size of the city you can leave the car more or less anywhere and reach the sea and the center in a few minutes’ walk. Below are the free car parks in the city:

  • Golino Street: after passing the Rome Street roundabout, in the direction of the station, you will find the car park on the right.
  • Fonderia Leopolda Theatre: in front of the city’s main theatre, in Roma Street, there is a large dirt area available to citizens and tourists.
  • Central Park: the green area of Follonica in Massetana Street has some car parks that do not require payment. Pay attention to the vertical signs however, because the areas adjacent to Europe Avenue are pedestrianized and only vehicles from the Friday market can access them.
  • Supermarket and cemetery area: the surroundings of Mario Chirici Street are characterized by the presence of various supermarkets, all with parking, as is the space in front of the city cemetery.
  • Station: the car park in Amendola Street is a stone’s throw from the station. Taking the underpass you immediately arrive at the center of Follonica and continuing on Matteotti Street for about 500 meters you reach the beach.
  • Area of Portugal Street and Apuania Street: these are the main car parks in the Senzuno district. 

You can also search in the various neighborhoods of the city, in the secondary streets of Cassarello, including the area of Freedom Street, or in the streets of the 167 West District – Campi Alti al Mare district. The car parks in Pratoranieri are also free, a very busy area especially in summer.

Pay and Display Parking

The paid car parks, marked with blue lines, are located in the center of Follonica and near the sea. During the winter, parking is subject to a fee every day until 8pm (except public holidays), with exemption from 1pm to 3pm. In the period from 15 June to 15 September, payment becomes mandatory even on public holidays. In the 25th April Square and 24th May Square parking is subject to a fee until midnight.


The Municipality has divided the city into various areas with different costs:

  • C1 Zone (Next to the sea) 60 minutes for 0.90€ 
  • C2 Zone (Center East) 60 minutes for 0.65€
  • C3 Zone (Center South) 60 minutes for 0.90€

How to buy the parking ticket

Once you have parked your car, you can purchase the ticket through the classic parking meters, with payment in cash or via debit card. The Municipality also introduced Easy Park, an app that allows you to manage the transaction from your smartphone by entering your phone number and sending money via credit card.

Parking Pass

If you have decided to stay in the city for a prolonged period then it may be convenient to purchase a season ticket and thus save on the price of the daily ticket.

The Autopark 50 electronic card costs 25 euros; weekly subscription 18 euros; the fortnightly subscription is 35 euros and the monthly subscription is 70 euros. Season tickets can be purchased at the Urp counter in the town hall (also via ATM) or in tobacconists participating in the initiative.

Parking in Follonica for Residents

Anyone who has a home within the area where the blue lines are located has the right to park for free in that area, if they have the appropriate permit. Also in this case it is necessary to contact the Urp office  (

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