Fireworks in Follonica

Fireworks in Follonica

Those who have frequented the “Pearl of the Gulf” for years know well that a special evening is planned in the summer. An evening in which citizens gather on the sea to watch the fireworks show in Follonica. The event allows you to “experience” the sea at night and is also appreciated by many tourists who choose to rent an apartment by the sea.

Where and when

The fireworks display is traditionally staged in the skies of the city for August 15th. The crowd then gathers on the beach in the night between 14 and 15 August to await the first explosion, scheduled for 11.30pm.

Fireworks are fired from the mouth of the Petraia river in Carducci street, but spectators can admire them from any point on the coast. Usually the participants go to the beach with towels or deck chairs to wait for the show to begin, but there are also those who prefer to enjoy the sky lit up by the fires while walking along the promenade. Even some beach resorts stay open in the evening for the occasion.

Fireworks in Follonica: other dates

For sure August 15th is the main fireworks display for the city. However, over the years, given the success of the event, it was decided to repeat it on other dates, often at the end of important events.

The fireworks light up the skies, for example, for the famous Carnival of Follonica, at the end of the last parade of allegorical floats. This is usually a Sunday in late February or early March. The party can also be organized on other dates, such as for the Summer Carnival or New Year’s Eve: to find out dates and events, please refer to the section events of the Municipality of Follonica.

Furthermore, in case of bad weather, the Municipality does not cancel the August 15th event but postpones it to another evening: usually that of August 31st, at the end of the hottest and most touristic period for the city of Follonica.

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