Boccheggiano, Village in the Hills of Tuscany

Boccheggiano, Village in the Hills of Tuscany

The Village

Boccheggiano is an ancient medieval village located in the upper part of the Tuscan Maremma, and precisely on the top of one of the Metalliferous Hills. Its origin, as a castle, is most likely between the year 1000 and the year 1100 AD, while it is assumed that there was already a settlement, probably Etruscan, even in an earlier period.

The town is located on a hill 2215 ft high (675mt). An altitude that allows you to enjoy cool summers and mild winters thanks to the influence of the air stream coming from the sea, 25km away as the crow flies.
Characteristic of the village is the wonderful dominant position. In fact, Boccheggiano enjoys a spectacular 360 ° panorama, which ranges from Siena and its surroundings to the sea of the Gulf of Follonica. On clear days, in addition to the sea, you can clearly see the Island of Elba and the mountains of Corsica in the distance.

Boccheggiano is nowadays a quiet town, where about 400 inhabitants live all year round between the village and the countryside. The mines that have contributed to the life and development of the town for centuries have now given way to tourism. The small town is in fact a place away from the noise of the city, where you can regenerate yourself, immersed in nature and quiet, and where you can enjoy the slow and relaxed rhythms of life that the place offers.

We can say that a walk along the medieval alleys of the historic center or in the green woods of acacias and chestnuts, finished with a delicious dinner in one of the local restaurants, is all that is needed to regenerate the body and mind.

 Escursioni a Boccheggiano                  Vicoli a Boccheggiano

All you need is in Boccheggiano

In the village of Boccheggiano you can find all these shops and services:

  • bar, kiosk and tobacco shop
  • slow-food restaurant
  • bakery with local products
  • restaurant and pizzeria
  • grocery store with butchery 
  • medic
  • pharmacy
  • primary school
  • ambulance in town
  • kids playground
  • five-a-side and regular football field

In town there are also several associations which, especially in the summer period, promote Boccheggiano with events and concerts that attract great participation.

Concert Cover De André

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