Cala Violina: Limited Access Beach

Cala Violina: Limited Access Beach

Cala Violina: why is a limited access beach

If someone told you that Cala Violina is a limited access beach, he or she was right. As happened for many beaches in Italy, here too it was decided to limit the access and impose a payment for all visitors, in order to safeguard the area and avoid overcrowding.

The bay is in fact located in the Scarlino nature reserve and can only be reached on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. Precisely because of its beauty and the clarity of its water, the area was overrun by many tourists during the summer. To avoid putting the natural ecosystem at risk, local government thought of a solution that has been in force for some years now.

Cala Violina: how much does it cost and max number of people

From June 1st to September 30th the number of visitors cannot exceed 700 in a single day. For this reason it is advisable to book in advance by choosing from the various dates available. Booking can only be made online, and it is therefore not recommended to go there before booking, unless you are only interested in a walk in the woods surrounding the cove.

The cost of the reservation is 1 euro, while children up to 12 years of age do not pay, even if they still have to book. For children from 0 to 12 months, neither a reservation nor a contribution is required. Disabled people can access by car with a companion by sending an email to, indicating the date and time of entry and exit, the license plate and model of the vehicle, attaching the coupon ( for information, the number to call is 0566 866190).

Cala Violina: how to book

To book, access the Cala Violina website and select “Book Now“; after having entered the requested data and having therefore completed the registration on the site, you can click on the “Login” link at the beginning of the registration form. Now it will be possible to select the date and it will also be possible to choose whether to use the car park by indicating the type of vehicle used.

You will then have to indicate the number of people for the place on the beach, the presence of children, and finally accept the privacy form. After passing the Captcha by selecting “I’m not a robot” you can proceed with the payment to confirm the reservation. An e-mail will arrive immediately with the purchased tickets, which can be shown to the stewards present at the entrance directly from your smartphone.

How to reach Cala Violina and where to park

To get to the suggestive inlet it is necessary to complete a certain distance on foot or by bike. There are two options: arrive from Puntone (in the Municipality of Scarlino) or park in Pian d’Alma. In the first case, you can look for a place in the maritime hamlet by trying along the road towards Cala Martina or in the parking lot in viale Garibaldi near the port, which in summer requires the payment of 50 cents an hour (or 30 euros a week). Once you have left the vehicle, you will have to continue on foot (or by bike) for about 6 kilometres.

In the second case, you can leave your car in the Val Martina rest area in Pian d’Alma. The car park, open from 8 to 20, has 200 spaces and the daily cost is 10 euros for cars and motorcycles, and 15 for campers. As written above, parking can also be paid for when booking the beach. Also in this case you will then have to take a short journey towards the cove.

What to do at Cala Violina

Enjoying the beach in peace is undoubtedly the main activity. Difficult to resist the temptation of a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the gulf, a true paradise also for those who love diving and observing marine flora and fauna. During the hottest hours you can then seek shelter in the woods: there is also an area with tables where you can eat. Be careful because for environmental reasons there are no bins and therefore everyone will have to take all the waste home.

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