Gerfalco: the Village and the Cornate

Gerfalco: the Village and the Cornate

Gerfalco is a small but ancient medieval village in Tuscany. A town made up of a hundred houses perched on the sunny side of a hill at an altitude of 770 metres.
Gerfalco is a fraction of the Municipality of Montieri, as are Travale and Boccheggiano.

Tranquility and nature rule in this green corner of Tuscany located in the center of the Metalliferous Hills.
The abundance of metals present in these places gave origin and wealth to this castle formed in medieval times. The mines of silver and copper first and then of pyrite have given work and supported the inhabitants of Gerfalco for generations.

Today the town has few resident inhabitants, but many tourists who live it especially in the summer time thanks to their second homes or simply with a passing visit.

In fact, thanks to its high hill position, Gerfalco offers fresh and pleasant summers to its guests, who can breathe the air of the past times by entering its alleys. Stone houses are the most in the historic center and represent a clear example of medieval architecture.
Two ancient and beautiful access doors to the historic castle can still be seen.


The Church of San Biagio dominates the town, at the highest point of the town. Worship building built during the Middle Ages and current Parish Church of Gerfalco.

The Cornate of Gerfalco

The pride of Gerfalco are its “Cornate“.
A rock ridge that extends north-west of the town that is a very popular destination for all hiking enthusiasts.
A humpbacked hill that reaches 1060 meters above sea level in the centre, at its highest point.
Starting from the town you can take different routes that lead to the Cornate. One of the most characteristic is certainly the circular route that starts and arrives in Gerfalco walking along the entire apex of the Cornate ridge. From here you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the south side overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Follonica.

Cornate di Gerfalco
Cornate di Gerfalco – 1060mt

The path to get to the top of the Cornate of Gerfalco is quite steep and demanding, therefore trekking equipment and a minimum of preparation are recommended.

Gerfalco, a village that has to be visited for sure in a Tuscany tour!

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